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02 Aug 2017

Having a taller stature is something to yearn for these days. Especially people with short stature have this concern to increase their height as they are unhappy with their personality.

The reasons people have short height can be many, to name a few; genetic problems, improper diet or lack of proper exercise during their early age of growth. People with taller height are the ones preferred be it in professional, personal, or sports as they have an impressive personality. And, one of the most assured and an infallible method of getting this done is through leg strengthening surgery.

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The surgery:

Getting the leg strengthening surgery done is known to be much famous in the area of cosmetic surgery and renowned name in China. An important step in this surgery is a detailed examination of the anatomy of the body of the patient. Before starting with the surgery, the body of the patient is observed in an intensive manner. The process of leg strengthening surgery is known to be tedious, painful and risky as there are certain complications involved in this process. A Huge amount of money is spent during this process starting from the surgery till the after process treatments and physical therapy.

How is it carried out?

This surgery involves fragmentation of the spine bones into two parts in order to interject the telescopic rod, which then separates the bones. The gap created by the telescopic rod is filled, as new bone; new skin, blood vessels, and muscle generate and fill the space. This rod creates space between the bones for about one-millimetre day by day in order to foster the growth of new bones.

The process of leg lengthening takes three months’ time to complete after which other three months are necessary for proper physical treatment. Those who get leg strengthening surgery done tend to add two to three inches to their height. 

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Postsurgical actions:

When it comes to the medication, therapy after the surgery is completed; the strange fact is consumption of steroid (painkillers) tends to lower down the process of development of new bones. The medication given to the patient for lowering the level of pain is very less, so the patient has to go through pain for a certain period so that the newly generated bones are strong enough not to get broken frequently. Not only medication but the physical therapy that is given also forms an important part of the treatment as, without this therapy, the process of recovery becomes slower and takes a longer time to recover. During this physical therapy, patients are asked to put their load on their legs and start walking gradually. With such kind of rehabilitation techniques, the strength of the new muscles is enhanced and the patients start walking on their own even without the crutches. The time for recovery may vary patient to patient as it completely depends on the response of the body to the medicines where results usually differ. 


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